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4 micrographs for technique Bright-field TEM, ordered by micrograph number.

Link to full record for micrograph 196 Micrograph 196 : Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystals (TZP)
System: ZrO2-Y2O3, Composition: Y2O3 2-3, ZrO2 96-97 (wt%)
Bright-field TEM
600 nm
Link to full record for micrograph 197 Micrograph 197 : Partially Stabilised Zirconia (PSZ)
System: ZrO2-MgO, Composition: MgO 2.5-3.6, ZrO2 97.5-96.4 (wt%)
Bright-field TEM
300 nm
Link to full record for micrograph 199 Micrograph 199 : BaTiO3 Temperature-stable dielectric capacitor
System: BaTiO3 + other oxides such as Nb2O5, Bi2O3, Composition: BaTiO3 95-97 (wt%)
Bright-field TEM
1 μm
Link to full record for micrograph 550 Micrograph 550 : Micrograph showing the complex chemical reactions which arise at fibre-matrix interfaces in a fibre reinforced magnesium aluminosilicate ceramic subjected to oxidation
System: SiC fibre-reinforced magnesium aluminosilicate, Composition: Not specified
Bright-field TEM
300 nm

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