TLP Library

Teaching and learning packages (TLPs) are self-contained, interactive resources, each focusing on one area of Materials Science.

Crystallographic Texture Crystallographic Texture
This teaching and learning package (TLP) introduces the concept of texture in crystalline materials such as common metals and metallic alloys.
Diffraction and Imaging Diffraction and Imaging
A brief summary of diffraction and imaging using an optical system.
Indexing Electron Diffraction Patterns Indexing Electron Diffraction Patterns
An introduction to the indexing of diffraction patterns.
Reciprocal Space Reciprocal Space
This TLP shows the construction of reciprocal lattices from real ones, use of the Ewald sphere for diffraction experiments and some other applications of reciprocal space.
The Stereographic Projection The Stereographic Projection
This TLP covers the use of the Stereographic projection and Wulff nets.
X-ray Diffraction Techniques X-ray Diffraction Techniques
This teaching & learning package provides an introduction to X-ray diffraction. It describes the main crystallographic information that can be obtained and experimental methods most commonly used.