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γ a b d100 d010 d100 d010
Consider a real unit cell with axes a and b separated by the angle γ. The interplanar spacing d100 is perpendicular to (100) planes and d010 perpendicular to (010) planes.
γ a b γ* a* b* γ*
In reciprocal space, the lattice vector a* is parallel to d100,
b* to d010 and angle γ* = 180 − γ
a b a* b* γ* 1/d010 1/d100
The reciprocal lattice vectors, a* and b* have lengths which are the reciprocals of the interplanar spacings.

Note: the real and reciprocal space lattices are not plotted on the same scale.
γ* 1/d010 1/d100 0 1 00 01 10 11 2 1 20 21 1 1
The reciprocal unit cell can repeat just like a real unit cell