Dissemination of IT for the Promotion of Materials Science (DoITPoMS)


Going further


  • Tribology: Friction and Wear of Engineering Materials, 2nd edtion by I. Hutchings and P. Shipway

Provides much more in-depth discussion of all of the topics discussed in this TLP.

  • Fracture of brittle solids by Brian Lawn

Contains useful diagrams and a good explanation of brittle fracture.

  • Introduction to Surface Engineering by P.A. Dearnley

A good introduction to the way in which surfaces can be engineered to take account of friction and wear.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tribology and its associated links

http://www.stle.org/files/What_is_tribology/Tribology.aspx, the website of the Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineers

http://www.tribology-abc.com/, a Dutch-based web site on tribology authored by Prof Anton van Beek of Delft University of Technology.