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Going further

There are many publications covering creep, over a wide range of depths. Some go into much greater detail than this TLP. The following books
provide a good overview:


Fundamentals of Creep in Metals and Alloys, Michael Kassner, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2015, ISBN: 9780080994277

Creep of Metals and Alloys, RW Evans & B Wilshire, CRC Press, 1985, ISBN-10: 0904357597"

Regarding Indentation Creep Plastometry, which is a very recent development, there are as yet no published books and indeed the software necessary to implement the technology is not yet widely available in user-friendly, commercially mature form.  However, there are websites that describe the methodology, where such access is likely to become available in due course.  Notable among these is https://www.plastometrex.com/.