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Going further


Many general materials science texts cover introductory material on dislocations. It is worth studying a few books because different authors present the material in different ways, and you may be able to visualise the concepts more easily when presented in a particular way.

Also consider

  • Hull and Bacon, Introduction to Dislocations (4th edition), Pergamon, 2001.
    A comprehensive text covering material at introductory through to advanced level.
  • Cahn, The Coming of Materials Science, Pergamon, 2001
    A 'history and portrait' of the subject, including the story of the emergence of the dislocation concept.

For the interested student, a library search for books by Cottrell, Read, Nabarro or Friedel will produce some classic texts on dislocations.

CD-ROM and websites

The MATTER Project's 'Materials Science on CD-ROM' includes modules on:

  • Introduction to Crystallography (including Miller Indices etc.)
  • Introduction to Point Defects
  • Dislocations

See the MATTER website for details of availability.

There is also the MATTER website on Transmission Electron Microscopy.

The IAP/TU Wien STM Gallery is a useful introduction to scanning tunnelling microscopy, providing an overview of the instrument and its operation and a gallery of images associated with dislocations.

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