Dissemination of IT for the Promotion of Materials Science (DoITPoMS)

DoITPoMS Video Library About the Library

About the Library

The DoITPoMS Video Library is a collection of materials science related videos intended for use in teaching and learning. The Library currently contains 172 videos.

All videos in the Library have been contributed by people working in the field of materials science and technology. In addition to the videos, the following information (or 'metadata') is stored with each video (some of these fields being optional).

  • Brief description
  • Duration
  • Categories to which video belongs (e.g. Animation, Microscopy, ...)

Videos can be found using search, browse or advanced search. Help is available on each of these methods.

As a general rule, the videos and descriptions can be used free of charge in teaching and learning. See the terms of use of use for further information and contact us if in doubt whether the way you intend to use the videos would be legitimate. Help is available on downloading videos.

DoITPoMS warmly welcomes further contributions to the Video Library. If you are interested in contributing videos please read the contribute page or contact us.

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