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This page contains details of various publications (both printed and online) plus dissemination events and activities that the DoITPoMS team have been involved with throughout the project's evolution. Where possible, the documents have been made available as pdf files.


Promotional publications

Working in Partnership with Students: The Summer School at Cambridge
A UKCME Case Study of the annual DoITPoMS summer school, where academic staff work in partnership with students to develop e-learning resources (Teaching and Learning Packages - TLPs). Published April 2008.


Journal publications

The DoITPoMS Project– a web-based initiative for teaching and learning materials science,
Z.H. Barber, J.A. Leake and T.W. Clyne, Journal of Materials Education, Vol. 29 (1-2), 7-16 (2007)

Microcomputing in materials research and teaching, T.W. Clyne and P.J. Goodhew, Metallurgist and Materials Technologist (Institute of Materials), pp. 1-5, August 1984


Websites - DoITPoMS resources are listed on the following websites:

UKCME: Resource database (now defunct) - supports and promotes high quality education in Materials and related disciplines.

Intute (now defunct) - a free online service providing you with access to the very best Web resources for education and research.


Meetings attended and key dates for the various funding streams

July 2008
14th -16th EE2008, Integrating Online Resources into Taught Courses - Workshop, Loughborough, UK (workshop outline, NAR presentation)

September 2007
10th - 13th
Euromat 2007: Symposium Y11 - Teaching and Learning of Materials Science and Engineering, Nürnberg, Germany (TWC presentation)

May 2006
29th May - 2nd June E-MRS Spring Meeting: Symposium W - Education in Materials Science and Engineering, Nice, France (ZHB presentation)

September 2005
23rd Cambridge-MIT Institute workshop: ‘Innovations in the Reuse of Electronic Learning Materials: Enabling Communities of Practice’, held at the Open University Business School, Milton Keynes (JAL presentation)

July 2005
3rd - 8th
ICMAT 2005: Syposium Z - Education in Materials Science, Engineering and Technology, Singapore (TWC presentation)

April 2005
UKCME Grant Holders' Workshop, Sheffield Hallam University (JAL presentation)

January 2005
End of FDTL funding phase

April 2004
New Teaching Developments Grantholders Workshop, Sheffield University
4th - 8th ECI Conference: The Future of Materials Science and Engineering Education, Hawaii (ZHB presentation)

January 2004
Seventh Management Committee meeting,in Cambridge, starting at 10.30 a.m.

November 2003
3rd - 4th
Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund National Co-ordination Team Annual Conference. Nottingham Royal Moat House.

September 2003
8th - 10th
ALT-C 2003. Theme: Communities of Practice. Sheffield Hallmam University.

June 2003
Materials Education Workshop - new web-based resources for teaching Materials Science. National workshop in conjunction with MATTER and the UK Centre for Materials Education, in Cambridge.
23rd Sixth Management Committee meeting, in Cambridge

April 2003
28th Attendance at seminar on "Ownership and control: managing intellectual property rights in universities", City University, London.

February 2003
6th Focus group meeting in Oxford Brookes with students to obtain evaluation feedback on DoITPoMS resources.

January 2003
9th Fifth Management Committee meeting, in Cambridge.

December 2002
6th Focus group meeting in Cambridge with students to obtain evaluation feedback on DoITPoMS resources.

November 2002
27th Focus group meeting in Manchester with students to obtain evaluation feedback on DoITPoMS resources.

October 2002
31st October - 1st November: TQEF Annual Conference 'Learning from FDTL: Making a Difference'. Manchester Conference Centre.
4th Teaching Aids Seminar - DoITPoMS in conjunction with CES - Cambridge Engineering Selector. 11 a.m. - 12.45 p.m. in the Seminar Room, Department of Materials Science, Pembroke St, Cambridge.

September 2002
9th - 11th "ALT-C" - in conjunction with the Association for Learning Technology's (ALT) conference. University of Sunderland.

July 2002
Fourth Management Committee meeting, in Cambridge .

May 2002
Meeting between DoITPoMS, MATTER , and UKCME (UK Centre for Materials Education) staff.
22nd Focus group meeting in Sheffield with students to obtain evaluation feedback on DoITPoMS prototype resources.
9th Meeting in Sheffield to discuss micrographs and student evaluation of DoITPoMS prototype resources.

April 2002
10th Attendance at NCT Workshop: Planning for the final stage of your project (for FDTL3 project), Coventry.

March 2002
27th Disability Discrimination Legislation workshop. The objective of the event, organised by the Innovations Team, is to assist you to ensure that your project complies with the legislation. At Universities UK, London.
21st Attendance at NCT Workshop on evaluation, London.
15th Focus group meeting in Cambridge with students to obtain evaluation feedback on DoITPoMS prototype resources.

January 2002
15th Third Management Committee Meeting. Oxford Brookes University.

December 2001
10th Attendance at the Cambridge-MIT Institute 'Copyright and E-learning' Workshop, Scarman House, Warwick. CMI/UKSEC Workshops .
5th Attendance at NCT Workshop 'Managing Change', Coventry.

November 2001
28th Meetings with Professor Steve Lerman at MIT.
Meetings with MATTER and UKCME (UK Centre for Materials Education) staff to discuss links between DoITPoMS, MATTER and UKCME
Meeting with Dr Sue Jackson in Cambridge University Engineering Department to discuss areas of mutual interest in development of web-based course materials.

October 2001
29th Attendance at a FILTER project Focus Group meeting in Birmingham, which included discussions of image classification and metadata and their use in learning and teaching.
Attendance at Signel (Special Interest Group on eLarning) meeting in Cambridge.
Attendance at CARET (Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology) Open afternoon in Cambridge.
11th Visit to the Institute of Learning and Research Technology (ILRT), Bristol for discussions about image and image library issues with members of the BioMED and FILTER projects, and the Technical Advisory Services for Images (TASI)

September 2001
27th Meeting in Cambridge the project's External Evaluator.
Meeting in Cambridge with Dr. David Dunning, University of North London (project partner)
11th - 13th
"ALT-C" - in conjunction with the Association for Learning Technology's (ALT) conference Changing Learning Environments. University of Edinburgh.
11th Attendance at workshop: Getting the Message Across - explore how different forms of dissemination can increase project effectiveness.

July 2001
13th Second Management Committee Meeting. University of Leeds.

May 2001
22nd - 23rd TQEF Annual Conference for FDTL and TLTP. 'Maximising Impact: working strategically across the sector.' Manchester Conference Centre.
21st Joint workshop between the UK Centre for Materials Education and the other FDTL3 Materials projects, 26/99 Tutoring Materials , 41/99 The Keynote Project and 8/99 DoITPoMS, at Imperial College, London. (TWC presentation)

January 2001
9th First Project Management Group Meeting. In Cambridge.

December 2000
Professor Bill Clyne visited colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. Discussions included MIT's course management and delivery system.
13th Short presentation at the Annual Department Meeting

November 2000
2nd Meeting representatives of Materials and Engineering Subject Centres and Failte (Facilitating Access to Information on Learning Technology in Engineering) Project staff, at Loughborough to discuss the development of resource databases.
6th The project welcomed Mrs. Mary MacGinley to the post of IT Secretarial Administrator.
8th Attandance at FDTL web authoring workshop, Leicester University.
15th Visit to project partners in Manchester
16th Visit to project partners in North London
24th Visit to project partners at Oxford Brookes and FDTL3 Food Studies project staff to discuss the creation of an audio visual library to assist in curriculum design, content and organisation.
29th Visit to project partners at Leeds
30th Meeting in Cambridge with Prof. G. Gibbs from the National Co-Ordination Team (NCT).

October 2000
18th Visit project partners in Sheffield.
19th FDTL Dissemination workshop, Coventry Technocentre.

September 2000
1st The project welcomed Dr Samantha Burke to the role of IT Teaching Resources Manager.
18th Attendance at the 'New Technologies in University Teaching' discussion meeting at the Royal Academy of Engineering, London.
20th FDTL Planning and Project Managment workshop, Coventry Technocentre.

July 2000
26th Inaugural project group meeting held at the FDTL/LTSN Materials gathering at the Institute of Materials, London.