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Micrograph 797 and full record

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Brief description
Wear-resistant high-chromium cast iron
alloy Link to MATTER Glossary entry for alloy, austenite Link to MATTER Glossary entry for austenite, carbide, carbon, cast iron Link to MATTER Glossary entry for cast iron, chromium, dendrite Link to MATTER Glossary entry for dendrite, equiaxed Link to MATTER Glossary entry for equiaxed, graphite Link to MATTER Glossary entry for graphite, iron, martensite Link to MATTER Glossary entry for martensite, metal, molybdenum, nickel
Metal or alloy
Fe-C-X   Link to phase diagram
Fe, C 2.6, Cr 17, Mo 2, Ni 2 (wt%)
Standard codes
Sample preparation
The sample was etched using Villela's reagent, which is a mixture of picric acid, hydrochloric acid and ethanol.
Reflected light microscopy
Length bar
40 μm
Further information
This cast iron is used in circumstances where a very high wear resistance is desirable. For example, during the violent crushing of rocks and minerals. It contains a combination of very strong carbide-forming alloying elements. The white phase is a chromium-rich carbide known as M7C3. The matrix consists of dendrites of austenite, some of which may have transformed into martensite. There may also be relatively small quantities of other alloy carbides. The material from which these micrographs were obtained was kindly provided by Dr Arnoldo Bedolla-Jacuinde of Mexico. Details of the iron have been published in the International Journal of Cast Metals Research, 13 (2001) 343-361.

Source: http://www.msm.cam.ac.uk/phase-trans/2001/adi/cast.iron.html.
Dr M A Yescas-Gonzalez
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge
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