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Merit index derivation

Say the beam is of length L and has a square cross section with sides H, and the applied force has magnitude F

The deflection, δ, of the end of the beam is: \[\delta = \frac{{FL}}{{3EI}}\]

I is the second moment of area of the beam and is given by:\[I = \frac{{{H^4}}}{{12}}\]

 \[∴\;\;\delta = \frac{{4F{L^3}}}{{E{H^4}}}\]

Now the mass of the beam is given by m = L H2 ρ

 \[∴\;\;\delta = \frac{{4F{L^5}{\rho ^2}}}{{{m^2}E}}\]

Therefore, in order to minimise δ, we must maximise E/ρ2