Dissemination of IT for the Promotion of Materials Science (DoITPoMS)



The aim of this TLP is to provide an introduction to the static behaviour and flow behaviour of granular materials. Granular materials are seen in many forms in everyday life, such as in piles of powders, sands, soils and mineral ores and pastes such as toothpaste. Other materials such as cement and concrete are in paste form prior to their setting and hardening cement reactions.

On completion of this TLP you should

  • Understand the concept of the angle of repose of piles of granular material and the factors which determine this angle.
  • Understand the ways in which soils fail and the importance of this knowledge in geotechnical design.
  • Understand the phenomenon of liquefaction.
  • Understand how the concept of dilatation explains the phenomenon of the surface drying under your feet when you walk on wet sand.