Dissemination of IT for the Promotion of Materials Science (DoITPoMS)


Going further


Most general 'engineering materials' books cover relevant topics. For example, try:

  • Newey C and Weaver G, Materials: Principles and Practice, Open University and Butterworths, 1990.
  • Weidmann G, Lewis P and Reid N, Structural Materials, Open University and Butterworths, 1990.

Also consider looking at: Kelly A and Knowles K M, Crystallography and Crystal Defects (second edition), John Wiley, 2012 -- a comprehensive (and mathematically detailed) exploration of the relationship between the crystal structure and properties of solids.

CD-ROM and websites

The MATTER Project's 'Materials Science on CD-ROM' includes relevant modules on:

  • Introduction to Crystallography
  • Dislocations

See the MATTER website for details of availability.