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Slip in HCP metals 1: slip systems

In hexagonal close packed (h.c.p.) metals, such as cadmium, slip occurs in <100> type directions on {001} type planes. These correspond to the close packed directions in the close packed planes.

Examination of the crystal structure (see the diagram below) shows that there is only one distinct lattice plane of the {001} type, i.e. (001). There are three distinct <100> directions lying in this (001) plane: [100], [010] and [110]. Hence, the h.c.p. structure exhibits three distinct slip systems. The h.c.p structure has only two independent slip systems, since any slip on [110](001) can be described entirely as a combination of slip on [100](001) and [010](001).

Diagram of h.c.p. crystal structure

Hexagonal close packed crystals slip on <100>{001} slip systems. This diagram shows a 2x2 array of unit cells projected onto the (001) plane. The three slip directions lying in the plane are shown as blue arrows.