Dissemination of IT for the Promotion of Materials Science (DoITPoMS)



Quick questions

You should be able to answer these questions without too much difficulty after studying this TLP. If not, then you should go through it again!

  1. For each type of fuel cell below, what are the charge carrying species (electrolyte type)?

    (a) Polymeric exchange membrane

    (b) Immobilised alkaline solution

    (c) Phosphoric acid

    (d) Molten carbonate

    (e) Ceramic solid oxide

  2. Which cells are able to internally reform?

  3. The efficiency limit of H2 cells reduces as operating temperature is increased. Why are high efficiency systems often run at very high temperatures?

  4. Which of the following statements are TRUE about the development of fuel cells?

    (a) Fuel cells have been around since the 19th century.

    (b) A fuel cell tractor was built in 1959.

    (c) PEM fuel cells are so expensive because of the platinum needed as a catalyst.

    (d) The first fuel cells were developed to run on hydrogen.

    (e) Fuel cell cars are at least a decade away.

  5. Give two reasons why we don’t all use fuel cells in our cars already?

  6. Why is nickel used as the anode in SOFCs? How is it treated in order to aid bonding to YSZ?

Deeper questions

The following questions require some thought and reaching the answer may require you to think beyond the contents of this TLP.

  1. Give as many ways as you can think of to provide a mobile fuel cell with pure hydrogen.